Splatoon Triple Threat

Need a double dose of Splatoon animations? Are you inkling for another? Look no further then our Splatoon Triple Threat! Three animations from three kids that are squids or are they squids that are kids? Watch all the squid kid inky action you could ever need! Watch em below. We’re not squidding, they’re good.    

SMB3: Red-Hot Beatdown

Ten years ago, I started to make toons, posted on Newgrounds, and made my website; I never would have known that I would come this far with my animations ’til this day. This toon is inspired by my first animation, which was also a SMB3 Parody. Thanks to the fans (Without you, there wouldn’t be any videos!), NG, Team Island, and the 1up-Island community for the support and making t...[Read More]

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