August 25, 2014

SMB3: Red-Hot Beatdown

June 15, 2014

Teaser: SMB3 Toon

In this Super Mario Bros. 3 toon I recently started working on, Mario is getting rekt by these 2 fire bros. How will he escape? You […]
January 1, 2014

EarthBound Forward

The EarthBound sprite animation you've all been waiting for!
November 13, 2013

Doug’s Big Gayme

Doug finally steps it up!! YOW!
March 6, 2013

SMB: Little Secrets (1up)

Mario heads home to find an unexpected secret...
January 14, 2013

Tails Wants a Happy Meal

December 25, 2008

Sonic Christmas Greeting

April 17, 2007

SMB: Game Over

Hey everyone! Mario is off to save the Princess from Bowser again. Oh gawd... I hope that's rain... It's rain right? No?.... UGHAHGUHGHHGHH!!! *wink*
January 22, 2006


Ukiki's are stupid
December 25, 2005

SMB: Christmas Greeting

Merry Christmas Newgrounds! Animator: “Yoshi-1up” Voice Actor: “D-Mac” (Luigi, and Mario)
November 28, 2005

Skittlez N Shitz

A collaboration between 4 artists parodying an overhyped sprite series.
November 20, 2005

Megaman Collab

Phew... It took about a month to get all this done.We all worked so hard but we're all proud of this finished project.We hope you enjoy the flash and you can find all of the authors comments in the flash itself.