A Look Back: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers For The Super Nintendo Review

A Look Back: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers For The Super Nintendo Review


We were once all young, naive and in love with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The original Power Rangers. Not today’s current Power Rangers, with their horrible CGI effects, laughable martial art fights, corny dialouge and…I guess Power Rangers hasn’t changed all that much. My point is the original Power Rangers were badass.

I had the toys, dressed up as Billy the nerdy but cool Blue Power Ranger for Halloween and often had dreams that I would one day become a Power Ranger. To this day, no such luck. Stricken with sadness by the fact that I have never had a true reason to say ‘It’s Morphin Time’, aside from being alone in the bathroom while looking into a mirror, which I occasionally do to this day,  I decided to live my childhood dreams. Through video games. One in particular.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the Super Nintendo.


Simple character select screen.

When I was a kid, I picked this up from the local Albertsons with the intention of never returning it until I defeated Rita Repulsa and her, often horrible, creations.

Even today the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game for the Super Nintendo actually isn’t all that bad. It’s playable, the controls are serviceable and it hits all my nostalgia buttons in a good way.

It’s built much like an episode.  You start as whichever Power Ranger you’d like, pro-tip Billy the Blue Ranger is the best for this game,  you progress like any other simple side scroller beat-em up. First bashing on a variety of Putty Patrolers in your non-Power Ranger form, dodging obstacles and jumping your way through seven different areas.

Once you make your way and encounter the area’s boss, indicating that area’s halfway point, you scream ‘It’s Morphin Time’ and thus don the weapons, extra strength and abilities of your chosen Power Ranger. You also get a screen clearing BOMB. I usually save this for the boss.

Billy, the best Power Ranger

Billy, the best Power Ranger

As your progress through the seven areas of the game enemies become more varied and obstacles become much more difficult to overcome. Barrels roll towards you, saw blades impede your best platforming skills, water becomes the nuance that it is and lasers shoot high pitched squeals of ear bleeding pain. If you’re able to endure the trials of each area, you’re met with the bosses which boil down to the typical pattern recognition bouts.

Make it to the sixth area and the game becomes surprisingly different but awesome. MEGAZORD awesome. That’s right. You get to step into the Megazord and go toe-to-toe with the likes of Mutitus and Cyclopsis. This portion plays like a 2-D fighter. You bash away and use your powers to defeat your opposition. Then finish them off in explosive fashion.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the Super Nintendo stays true to the Power Rangers and honestly, as a kid, was what I was wanting. Looking back at it now it fits the feel of the show and plays well. The same can’t be said about the Sega Genesis version which I’ll have to save for another time.

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