May 2, 2014

2 Hit Combo: A Fish Called Whiner

Oh boy, another rant about Phil Fish.
April 17, 2014

2 Hit Combo: Story Vs. Gameplay. FIGHT!

Edger really thinks he know a thing or two, but that's just because he's playing on easy mode.
April 4, 2014

2 Hit Combo: Druge of War

Edger Kastner sits in his Castle of Lament and plays a Symphony of the Fight for Castlevania to fend off a God of Bore.
April 3, 2014

2 Hit Combo: Fly Me to A Different Moon

Edger Kastner finds old men to be neither fun nor funny, just smelly. Also: Autism speaks but you won't understand a damn thing
March 14, 2014

2 Hit Combo: Casualization and the Effect

Edger ponders if there is a balance between casual and hardcore.
March 12, 2014

2 Hit Combo: 2 Dummy Takedown

Edger Kastner Lands his blows on two dorks trying to over analyze the new Wolfenstein game