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[UPDATE] Yo TF2 Peoplez *BONK*


I’ll upload all pictures and some video footage later next week. Thanks for being there. You guys are awesome! “Like” us on our [1up-Island Facebook!] for more updates. Add me on Steam [Yoshi-1up] You all betta be at PAX PRIME… Or else… *BOINK* [UPDATE] TF2 Train Gallery Sakura-Con 2012 Gallery

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I Can’t Taunt Without My Radio

2-9-12 TF2ICantTauntWithoutMyRadio

Aweeee yeahhhh!! T-T-T-TURN IT UP! I purchased this item right away from the Mann Co. Store because of the sexy look and idea. It is a lot of fun and well worth it! Every time I murder anyone in the game they have to hear my sick beats yo. -TF2 Team My radio’s bad from the Boulevard. I’m a hip-hop ...

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2-2-12 TF2012

Neat stuff coming to Team Fortress 2 this year! Hope you all are ready!! -TF2 Writers If you thought the end of the world was the only thing to look forward to in 2012, guess again. There’s a ton of TF2 stuff on the horizon, running for their lives just slightly ahead of the Mayan blood tornadoes. A Secret TF2 ...

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Uber Update – Day 4 Meet the Medic

Meet the Medic is finally released!! It is hilariously… Epic. “Own a piece of history with this heirloom-quality Medic Heritage Set! Includes something for everyone! War historians will appreciate the original medigun – still handy even though the invuln function shorted out after its first use. Art lovers will cherish the bust of Hippocrates, commemorating a time when the Medic ...

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Uber Update – Day 2 Timbuk Tuesday

“The Sniper has decades of experience surviving in the barren Australian outback. The Demo, on the other hand, has never even been to the beach but his empty eye cavity naturally accumulates moisture that drips down his head into his throat, making him the equivalent of a one-eyed cactus that swears. This makes them the perfect pair to march straight into ...

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Uber Update – Day 1 Mobster Monday

The Heavy and Spy are up to no good again… Damn mobsters “With these two new class packs, you can join the “family business.” (We’re really talking about the Mafia!) Make people “sleep with the fishes” (kill them) in “cement shoes.” (No idea.) Then, “close the door on your wife Diane Keaton.” (Diane Keaton must never know about these class ...

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